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Afghanistan policy expert admired.


Afghan police experts were impressed with the International Training College and the College makes a state institution, for example to the world to-3 for the implementation of the system of private education, or more suitable as a model to be applied in their educational system.

Head of Delegation Visit, Director of the Department of Transportation Higher Parliament, Agha Mohammed Fayez said, 'Training College International College selection is based on the performance and ability to withstand more than 15 years in the arena of private education in Malaysia

Among those who admired the delegation is the ability to conduct 'Training College collaborative programs with overseas universities. Yarmouk University, Jordan, for example, working with the College Anntarabangsa Training College since 2005 and continues to push the name of 'Training College as the college which holds Kuliyyah Tengah.Selain the Islamic East, IKIP been working with professional bodies such as LCC, CIM and MAICSA, other University Edith Cowen and University of South Australia, Australia.


In addition, Agha Mohammed Fayez also expressed his admiration for the students'Training College International College of diverse communities, including indigenous students make a presentation which is something very special.

addition to academic , International College IKIP successfully implement personal development and spiritual and what is most important is the output of college graduates are more willing to explore their respective fields.
mission trip was initiated by the International Institute of Public Policy and Management (INPUMA) under the University Malaya with the objective to deliver penglaman awamdan management policies with other countries, particularly in assisting the construction of public policy, other members to share knowledge and experiences with senior Afghan officials about the role of government and private sectors of Malaysia and the effectiveness of public policy in the context of environmental systems Malaysia.lawatan was also accompanied INPUMA Director, Associate Professor Mary Dr.Sharifah Alhabshi.